Our business is built on intellectual rigour, independent insight and challenge, and hands-on, practical support to our clients.

For us, everything starts from a position of intellectual rigour:

  • Deep insight into academic research, empirical data and investment theory are the foundations on which our service is built.
  • Understanding and employing robust portfolio construction techniques and rigorous portfolio testing build on these foundations.

Our independent and unconflicted stance adds value:

  • We have no product provider affiliations or other conflicts of interest;
  • Our advice is both impartial and challenging;
  • Our deep experience in the financial planning and investment worlds allows us to provide valuable perspective and insight.

Hands-on practical support matters:

  • It is no good engaging with a third-party, only for a multitude of tasks to fall back on your plate.
  • We have always focused on delivering what our clients need, not a list of what they need.
  • Our deep experience tells us that minimising the tasks our clients face, maximises the value of what we deliver.
  • Our unspoken internal motto is ‘Roll your sleeves up and go the extra mile!’