The programme in more detail

Getting the investment process sorted
  • During the Induction Day we:
    • Discuss and agree the firm’s broad investment philosophy.
    • Deconstruct and challenge the structure of the firm’s existing portfolio decisions.
    • Review the theory and balance of evidence to refine or reaffirm the direction taken at each decision point.
    • Test and understand the consequences of the decisions made and agree final portfolio structures.
  • The follow-up process:
    • We set up the project on Basecamp – an intuitive project management software tool – through which the project is managed.
    • We define all outstanding tasks to complete the investment process project and load onto Basecamp.
  • Deliverables:
    • Albion will deliver a comprehensive, branded Investment Process Manual to the firm comprising:
      • Part 1: The Evidence and the Theory.
      • Part 2: The Decision Matrix.
      • Part 3: Portfolio Metrics.
      • Part 4: Asset Class Analysis.
  • Timeframe:
    • In practice, this process normally takes around 12-16 weeks.


The programme in more detail

Building a strong, yet simple governance process
  • This is not a set-and-forget process – a formal governance process needs to be established.
  • Albion plays an important ongoing role in this process.



The programme in more detail

Communicating effectively with clients
  • We provide a flexible set of branded, client-facing documents and tools to help to explain the approach to clients.
  • These include: written pieces, a flexible presentation slide toolkit, portfolio profiles and helpful tools.



The programme in more detail

Delivering your advice in a more visually engaging manner
  • Albion offers an add-on module that provides a toolkit of client engagement documents.
  • These help to deliver the firm’s value story, the advice given to clients and the ongoing reporting that clients receive.