A team that’s passionate about investing


Tim Hale, CEO, BA (Hons), MBA

Loves investing and working with clients. Passionate about the social utility that good investing delivers.

Key aims are to simplify investing and build belief. Can’t think of anything better than a good piece of
investment research!

Wrote Smarter Investing after seeing the mistakes made by investors, both institutional and private clients, when working for what is now JP Morgan Asset Management.

Lives in Devon. Loves his girls, rugby and beer (obviously in that order).

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Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards, Investment Analyst, BSc (Hons)

Ben has worked as an Investment Analyst at Albion since graduating in 2015. He loves communicating the message that investing can be simpler and more successful using tried and tested investment strategies, usually along with a spreadsheet of numbers to prove it!

Ben is a keen snowboarder, musician, footballer and tennis player and enjoys travelling the world.

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Sian Lamb

Siân Lamb

My key responsibility within the company, as Office Manager, is to ensure the smooth running of the office and our business systems.  I have been working long enough to have witnessed the advent of the PC and worked through the “Big Bang” in the 1980’s.  Having had my family I began working for Tim in 2001 and am still here!

My 5 favourite things:

  • My husband and my three gorgeous boys
  • Living in North Devon
  • Ballet
  • The Exeter Chiefs rugby team
  • A glass of Sauvignon Blanc
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How to keep your head – and stay ahead. Most investors act irrationally and erratically. Are you among them? Ask yourself these searching questions from investment guru Tim Hale’s new book and find out.

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Tim Hale has written a book of investment wisdom and common sense for the ages. Investors who follow his simple advice will be richly rewarded.

Smarter Investing is quoted in John Bogle’s book “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing”.

John C. Bogle, Founder, The Vanguard Group

Delightfully clear thinking and direct advice on how investors can get better results with simpler decisions.

Charles D. Ellis, Author of ‘Winning the Loser’s Game’, Founder of Greenwich Associates